About Us

Some years ago, two of Marla’s closest friends were getting married, and she simply couldn’t find a gift that came close to capturing the sense of love and romance and a future shared that she wanted to convey. So she made one. Thus was born The Teapot for Two, and with it, the Two for Two collections for MarlaDawn Home.


Marla Bowron, founder and CEO, studied ceramics and photography at Bennington College, Vermont, before embarking on a corporate career. She studied interior design through UCLA and, in 2005, launched MarlaDawn Home.


MarlaDawn Home designs are classically modern and are intended for casual, everyday use.  They’re crafted to coordinate and complement with many existing tableware lines. Unique, but not trendy, MarlaDawn Home designs will last for years and, we hope, will serve as memory milestones for those who use them.